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● No Heat

● No Stirrators

● Dry 25+ Moisture Grain in Bin

● Retain 2-4 lbs. Test Weight

Retrofit Your Existing Bins!

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● Anywhere in the US

● For New or Existing Construction

● Uniquely Designed for Your Farm

● Turn-Key Systems

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● Set Your Target Levels & Walk Away

● Eliminate Over-Drying

● Control When to Run Your Fans

● Receive Hot Spot Alerts via Text/Email

Manage Your Bin from Anywhere!

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● Technical Service

● Professional Installation

● Quality Assurance Checks

● Financing

Here to Serve, Here to Partner

● And More!

Why Choose CMC?

mapCustom Marketing Company (CMC) has been a leader in grain handling storage solutions since 1984 and is proud to introduce a proven line of grain storage solutions. CMC specializes in design, sales, construction and service of grain handling and storage systems. We were the first to introduce a revolutionary drying process called the Pressure Cure® System and it is used by thousands of farmers across North America today.

CMC is dedicated to helping growers capture and retain the highest quality grain through innovative products & technology, delivering excellence in all we do.