Who We Are

Who We Are

Custom Marketing Company (CMC) has been a leader in grain management and storage solutions since 1984. CMC specializes in design, sales, construction and service of grain management and storage solutions. We were the first to introduce a revolutionary drying process called the Pressure Cure® System and it is used by thousands of farmers across North America today. Our Pressure Cure® Systems are designed to help farmers retain quality grain and harvest 7-10 days earlier. Whether you are starting a new bin site or adding to your existing system, CMC has the right grain storage solution for your operation. For 30 years we have served farmers across 48 states. If you haven’t heard of CMC or our Pressure Cure® System, we are willing to bet there is a neighbor not too far away that has. Give us a call and make your grain worth more with CMC.


Paul R. Leverington
President & CEO

At CMC, our team has a passion for agriculture. Most of our employees either come from farm backgrounds or got a degree in an ag-related field. It’s one reason our unique team of employees is so crucial. It’s their upbringing, their commitment to Ag that makes our company who we are today. Our team has gone through some tremendous changes over the past 5 years. One of those changes is in aligning our people to fit our core values – Courage, Leadership and Selflessness. Our main purpose is to leave a positive impact on the Ag community through our company’s expert knowledge of grain management. We’ve invested over 30 years in understanding grain management systems and grain quality, and identifying the best options for increased ROI for our growers. We simply know grain quality. If you haven’t already, I want to encourage you to discover the difference our team can make on your farm, discover CMC.

Our Mission:

CMC is dedicated to helping growers capture and retain the highest quality grain through innovative products & technology, delivering excellence in all we do.



A person of integrity possesses moral courage and does what is right, even when it costs them something.
Serving customers & co-workers with kindness, respect, humility & care.
Lead by example. Honesty, Integrity & Truth.
Do what is right, be a leader in your actions, show respect, serve & encourage others.

Corporate Office & Warehouse, West Fargo, ND