Quality Service

We Offer Technical Services

As a customer, you made a significant investment with your purchase of one of our grain storage solutions, and we want you to get the most out of your investment by maintaining it with our service department. If you have warranty, repairs or system maintenance that needs to be done, our trained field technicians can help you out.

Our techs will carefully inspect your items and notify you of their findings. If it’s not convenient for you to bring your equipment into one of our shops to be serviced, let us come to you! CMC can do a variety of maintenance tests and checks , from tightening loop chains to cleaning and balancing fan blades. Give us a call today and ask for our Service Department.

Professional Installation Services

CMC projects are built by our team of professional crews. In 2013, CMC initiated a set of standard practices as a measurement tool for our contracting teams. The practices we use today are based off of 30 years of building and design experience.

Whether it is stronger bolts being used instead of tec screws for fan attachments, flashing installation or floor support spacing guidelines, our team is dedicated to quality workmanship. From concrete to bin erection or millwright work, our crews are licensed, insured and experienced and available to work anywhere in the continental U.S.

Quality Assurance Checks

New in 2012, CMC has started a process of Quality Assurance Checks. We take every step possible to make sure our products and workmanship meets our customers’ expectations. Our teams and employees take pride in making a difference for our customers. Upon completion of your bin, custom project or repair, a Quality Check will be conducted.

The Quality Check procedure was established to review the completion of all our projects, making sure they are constructed to CMC set of standards and our manufacturers’ specifications. We want our customers to know that when they invest in a CMC system, they can rest assured knowing that the workmanship of our contractors will be double checked and reviewed upon project completion.