GRAINX COMMAND not only allows you to see what is happening in the grain mass, but the system automatically decides the best times to run your fans. No more guessing.

How It Works:

The cables and sensors constantly read the moisture and temperature of the grain mass. Its decision to run fans is decided only if the air on the outside of the bin is productive to cure your grain. Do you know the best time to run your fans? How about to prevent over-drying the bottom 1/3 or your bin? No more guessing. Simply set your target temperature and moisture and let COMMAND do the work.

Standard Features and Benefits:

  • Rehydrate Grain – putting more money in your pocket while your grain sits in your bin!
  • Control Over-Drying – (electrical loss from over-running fans and grain weight from over-drying)
  • Plenum Sensor – measures and confirms the exact temperature and humidity of the air under your bin floor before the airflow goes through the grain mass.
  • Weather Station – measures the exact temperature and humidity on the outside of the bin, giving you accurate EMC measurements.
  • Sensor Cables – constantly monitor temperature and moisture in the grain mass.
  • Alerts – customize your own alert parameters if desired. Alerts can go to multiple users via text/e-mail.
  • Wireless Controller – sends data from your bin to the cloud.
  • Remote Unit – sends data wirelessly to the master controller. *Only one data subscription per master unit no matter how many additional bins you add!

Upgradeable Systems:

  • Opi-Integris – simple plug & play upgrades to GRAINX from Opi-Stormax or Opi Integris Pro.
  • GrainX Protect can be upgraded to Command.