IntelliFarms carries a full inventory of all makes and models, including replacement motors!
IntelliFarms offers a complete line of rugged aeration and grain conditioning systems to help maintain grain quality. Choose from a variety of high efficiency vane axial, centrifugal, and inline centrifugal fans, all with efficiency features designed to reduce costs and boost performance.

KEHO high speed centrifugal fans are designed to give superior performance overcoming higher static pressure, which allows farmers to dry higher moisture grain (25%+) at greater grain depths.

Standard Features & Benefits:

  • Three year warranty
  • Each fan weighed and balanced
  • Comes in single and three phase
  • Size range from 3 hp to 40 hp

If you are looking to maximize your airflow at a lower static pressure, an axial fan is a great fit. IntelliFarm’s axial fans are low maintenance and versatile, designed for grain drying applications and aeration. Our axial fans feature reversible applications and can be mounted to air ducts, metal transitions or flat wall bins.

Standard Features & Benefits

  • Size range from 3 hp to 15 hp and 12” to 28” diameter
  • Factory assembled and tested
  • Galvanized steel housing that resists rust
  • Balanced cast aluminum blade
  • Vinyl coated fan guards
  • Carrying handles and leg stands

In-line fans are great options for hopper bins or smaller bins that are looking for a little air on their bin to dry down their grain just a couple points. They are designed for higher static pressure applications where axial fans might not have enough power.

Suited for higher static pressures, beyond the performance range of vane axial fans, the inline centrifugal fan offers similar static pressure capabilities to a 1750 rpm centrifugal fan at a lower cost. Inline centrifugal cannot be used with heaters due to their design.

1750 RPM Centrifugal fans
GSI’s 1750 RPM centrifugal fans are built with a heavy galvanized steel, scroll-type housing and inverted inlet venturi. A non-overloading backward-inclined airfoil wheel provides high airflow with a long motor life. These fans operate at a reduced noise level and are designed to accommodate a variety of heaters for use on drying bins where higher capacities are required. Models are available from 5 – 50 HP with static
pressures up to 11”.

3500 RPM Centrifugal fans
GSI also manufactures a 3500 RPM centrifugal fan designed to operate in static pressures up to 22”. These fans are used primarily with tall tanks or small grains.