If you want to move grain out of your bin and maintain the quality and integrity of the seed, the GrainWay conveyor is a great option. GrainWay conveyors work in many applications and are a great complement to add to your TenFold™ Bin for retained grain quality.

The conveyor slides under the bin floor from the outside and can be moved from bin to bin. Grain wells and control handles control the flow of grain onto the conveyor. A great solution for specialty crops where quality is important like peas, edible beans, lentils or soybeans.

Standard Features & Benefits:

  •  Hydraulic or Electric Drive
  •  Two styles (12” wide) with capacities ranging from 50-10,000 bhp
  •  Powder coat paint finish
  •  Use one conveyor in multiple bin sizes (18’-48’)
  •  Maintain grain quality
  •  Aeration system can operate while conveyor is in place