Loop Systems

Grain Loop System

The Grain Loop System combines the loading, transferring, filling and unloading processes all into one economical and easy to use system. This system is a great fit for TenFold™ applications because it is gentle on grain. Conventional methods using augers damage grain and create fines and splits. Loop systems help keep kernels intact throughout the grain transfer process.

An enclosed loop design lets you select the grain flow path by opening or closing the discharge gates, which are controlled from the ground. Unload one bin, multiple bins or provide the flexibility to blend grain. This low maintenance system can be installed into new or existing bins and is expandable. IntelliFarms has two full lines of loop systems to choose from, along with parts and service for Hutchinson and GSI.
Our Loop systems feature high quality, high flow drive-over pit hoppers with 30, 45, or 90 degree incline sections for dump-and-go operation without a costly holding pit.

Standard Features & Benefits:

  • Corrosion and abrasion resistant powder coat finish
  • Gentle on grain maximizing quality and test weight
  • Inspection cover at the top of each discharge spout allows for easy access
  • Heavy-duty, 10-gauge slide gate in discharge spout
  • Economical way to move large quantities of grain
  • Better efficiencies-12” systems provide higher capacities but with less distance and height
  • Capacity 4,000-10,000 bushels per hour

IntelliFarms Designs Loop Systems to fit your farm’s specific needs. Please see a portfolio of our custom projects to learn more.