Power Sweeps

Designed for smooth, easy operation, the power sweep helps clean your bins quickly and safely without shoveling. They are engineered for permanent installation in bins with controls mounted externally for additional safety.

sweepStandard Features & Benefits:

  • Exceptional performance with no-fines floor
  • Eliminate shoveling and exposure to dust and grain
  • Available in 8” and 10” tube style up to 60’ in diameter
  • Bin wall safety stop optional
  • Quick and easy assembly

Carry-In Sweep

Available in 5” and 7” models to fit 18’ through 48’ diameter bins. Features include Fiber Drive Wheel, Quick-Attach Motor Mount, and Formed Backboard as standard equipment. Options include Jack-shaft Reduction Kits, Hydraulic Drives and Sweep Extensions. This sweep is designed to carry in and out of multiple bins.

U-Trough Power Sweeps

Labor saving power sweeps are available in 10” models to fit 18-60 ft. diameter bins. The sweep is complete with an assembled unit which includes the U-trough, rack and pinion controls that operate the slide gates, unload screws, hopper flanges, and the sweep assembly, including a standard wheel end drive.

This system is driven by a single motor from outside the bin. Power is transmitted through the heavy duty unload screw and cast iron gearbox system. The top gear box has a 1.5:1 reduction to reduce the sweep screw speed. One lever on the outside of the bin engages and disengages the sweep. No need to enter the bin.

Standard Features & Benefits:

  • Rack and pinion gate controls
  • All welded construction and assembly
  • Cast iron gearboxes with bevel gears
  • A power lock-out on the shift lever
  • Bin wall safety stop
  • Sweep assembly, removable with one pin
  • Hanger bearings on sweep at 10 ft. (max) intervals
  • 12” x 14” center hopper with 10-steel rollers
  • Internal truss on all sweep backboards
  • Ladder truss on 42 ft. and larger sweeps
  • High density rubber sweep wheel
  • In-out adjustable sweep end for close to wall operation