TenFold™ Process

What is the TenFold™ Process?

The CMC TenFold™ Process is based on the principle of pressurized air drying. Our system is designed not to use supplemental heat, because heat reduces test weight, grain quality, and feed value. Supplemental heat sources also cost substantially more to dry grain.

TenFold™ Key Components
  1. Early Harvest
  2. Commercial grade no-fines curing platform
  3. High volume, heavy duty air pumps
  4. Proper ventilation system
  5. Grain spreaders
  6. Quality air seal
  7. Solid Flashing
  8. Grain Management

Together these 8 components deliver the most effective means of drying in the industry, by the use of electrical energy. Choose an investment that fits your needs and make your grain worth more.

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TenFold™ Bin

Drying Platform: No-Fines Curing Platform (18% Open Space)

CMC’s No-Fines floor has the greatest open surface area in the industry, maximizing the amount of airflow through the grain mass. Powerful air pumps force large volumes of air into the plenum chamber under the bin floor. Pressurized air then surges up through the grain mass carrying moisture out through the vents. The unique perforation design prevents fines and small grains from falling through the floor – even canola.

  • 18% open surface area
  • 2x Stronger
  • Double louvered design to maximize airflow
  • Reduced kernel blockage
  • Fits in any bin – new or existing
  • 7″ wide plank available in 20 or 18 gauge
  • Snap-On floor supports available in 13 ½” & 17 ½” – 20 or 18 gauge”

KEHO Air Pumps: Balance & Performance by Design

KEHO high speed centrifugal fans are designed to give superior performance at higher static pressure, which meets the demands of today’s farming applications.

  • All KEHO fans come complete with heavy duty Baldor Motors covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Ranging from 3-40 HP sizes
  • Aluminum extruded air-foil blade impellers are precision engineered to ensure maximum airflow and efficiency at high static pressure
  • Fan cooled electric motor

Ventilation Systems: Durable, High Quality, Built to Last


The Roof Vent features galvanized steel body and heavy angle base. Three sizes are available and feature 70 º angle for proper ventilation and weather resistance.

Grain Spreaders

Our Grain Spreaders evenly distribute grain and fines, preventing solid wet cores from bin wall to center and help eliminate resultant crop rot, maximizing air flow through the grain mass.

  • Maximize capacities from 3,000-9,000 bu/hr
  • Helps to distribute air flow evenly through the grain mass

Grain Management: Bin-Sense I 24/7 Wireless Grain Monitoring

Bin-Sense optimizes the TenFold™ Process by monitoring the temperature and moisture content of the grain mass. Bin-Sense protects your investment by sending real-time data to your smart phone or web browser from anywhere.

  • Compatible with existing digital sensing cables (Opi-lntegris)
  • Solar Powered – No need for electricity on-site.
  • Remotely starUstop fans from your smart phone by the touch of a button.
  • Low annual data fee **One bin fee – regardless of how many bins are added**
  • Web Based: Apple/Android Compatible
  • Sends alerts via text or e-mail