Does your system have the right configuration for your power requirements? 

Have you checked with your local power cooperative or utility company?

VFD-Boxes---Dennis-HeitmansCMC’s priority is making sure your project is a success.  It is critical that your power supply is sufficient for you to operate your fans at full capacity. Our experts on staff will work directly with your utility company or local co-op to plan out a system ahead of time to make sure we have the power that your project will require.  We can custom build electrical panels to fit your utility or electrical shed at your site.

Need 3–phase power?

VFDs provide a solution to help efficiently manage the control of your electrical operating loads.  If you are putting up a bin, loop or irrigation pivot in a rural area and only have single phase power to operate fans, a VFD package built by a certified specialist at CMC is a great fit.

Standard Features & Benefits:

• Soft Starts: Slowly ramp up the speed of the electric motor to limit the inrush current during the starting of your fan or motor. Slower ramp up speeds reduce starting costs and increase motor life.

• Phase Converter: Converts single-phase power to 3-phase power to run larger and more energy-efficient electric motors

• Speed Control: Be able to run your electric motors at the exact speed required for better operation. Run your motors at slower speeds to reduce your run costs.